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Ant Design System for Figma

2100+ handcrafted components to speed up your design process

Built from scratch for Figma and based on the popular React UI library.
Create well-documented products in no time!

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High-quality components

Ready to use and customize


Ant Design Icons

Grouped and named consistently with Ant Design Library


Customizable Styles

Apply your product branding in minutes



Including component and style guide documentation for your team

Designing a simple UI with Ant Design System for Figma

In the video you will learn:

  • how to import .fig file and set up the UI kit
  • how to publish the UI kit to your Team Library
  • how to use Ant Design components and styles
  • how to create a simple UI
  • what Figma plugins are useful to create this UI and how to use them

The biggest component inventory for Figma

UI kit contains 41 Ant Design components with states and variations which gives 2100+ unique elements. All components are designed with master components and styles which makes them easily customizable and consistent. All elements have proper constraints applied which makes them scalable and adjustable. Convenient naming optimized for Figma allows for quick finding and using.

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Apply your product branding in minutes

130 color styles and 18 text styles are ready to use and customize. Changing font and color styles will allow you to apply your product branding in minutes. Even more, everything is documented for developers so you don’t need to worry about creating all states and docs yourself.

Save hundreds of hours

UI kit was built on the principles of Ant Design (May 2019) and optimized for Figma. Save hundreds of hours and use Ant Design React Library to bring your products to life. Ant Design is awesome - it has 47600+ stars on github! For more info about Ant Design System go to

Large Ant Design icons library

638 icons are grouped and named accordingly to Ant Design Library. You can reuse icons throughout the whole UI Kit in components because everything is connected together.

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Design any UI you want!

Screens below were created using only components and styles available in the UI Kit.

What do people say about Ant Design UI Kit?

"Your Ant Design components for Figma were a lifesaver. As someone that had never had to touch UI/UX before, I was able to build out and prototype a new app without any existing design experience. I really appreciate the work that has gone into making these!"

- Blake B.

"Hi Mateusz. A few days ago I bought Ant Design System for Figma. It is one of the best things I bought in my life! Thank you so much."

- Daniel C.

"I genuinely love Ant Design System for Figma. It is simple the best resource I have ever used, it saved me so much time, I learnt things about figma from it - I'll be using it for every project.I wish I was a better writer because this deserves a standing ovation. It's a must have for any figma user who likes to get things done."

- Dan Y.

"I love it. We've adopted Figma as our sole design tool at work, and your kit comes in handy because I'm tasked with creating a UI kit for our software based on our design system. Using Ant Design UI Kit and the Ant Design website, it gives me a good understanding of how Figma works and how I should build my master components and components from scratch."

- Danny B.

Now available!

  • 2100+ High-quality components - ready to use and customize
  • 630+ Icons grouped and named consistently with Ant Design library
  • 140+ Customizable color, typography and elevation styles
  • 43 screens with component and style guide documentation for developers
  • 4 screens with real-life UI examples built with the UI kit
  • Auto Layout is supported
  • Free future updates
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