Everything you need at an early stage of your UX design process

Visualize the hierarchy and structure of a future product or website based on Ant Design

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Compatible with FigJam!
Figma Wireframes

Plan your digital product

Map out your next product with sitemap components and arrows.

Figma Wireframes

Create user flow charts

Improve user experience by planning customer journey paths.

Figma Wireframes

Design wireframes and layouts

Use the components based on Ant Design to plan your app's pages and sections.

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The UX Toolkit that Matt has created is an absolutely brilliant resource for any UX designer working in Figma . Matt provides all the elements you might need in the beginning of design project. To start creates low-fi wireframes and flows as great talking points. We all know a picture is worth a thousand words, but a prototype is worth a thousand meetings! With this kit you don’t need to build wireframes in an external tool but you can already get started in Figma. Keeping everything in the same place, which makes collaboration and documentation of the project that much easier!
Greg Dlubacz
Miriam Isaac
Freelance UX Designer
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I highly recommend the UX Toolkit for Figma - it's a great UX planning resource. Once again Mateusz did a great job. We use it to plan our Ant Design based apps before the UI design phase. Wireframing blocks perfectly match the design system's components and styles. Mapping out the user journeys and sitemaps is easy and intuitive.
Greg Dlubacz
Greg Rog
Founder at eduweb.pl
what's inside?

High-quality UX components

Design for the web made easy! Figma was built for the future of web. That’s why you’ll see features you won’t find elsewhere.

Wireframing Blocks

Plan your components and sections before going high-fidelity.

  • Handcrafted Figma components
  • Based on Ant Design library
  • Customizable & scalable
Figma Wireframes
Figma Wireframes

Flow and Documentation Components

Visualize the hierarchy and structure of a future product.

  • Customizable arrows
  • Pages and sections
  • Post-its and flow descriptions

Use case examples

Inspect the examples to learn how to build your charts, layouts, and wireframes. Includes:

  • User flow chart example
  • Sitemap example
  • Wireframes example
Figma Wireframes

Plan your next Ant Design app

UX Toolkit for Figma was designed to help you plan apps and websites based on Ant Design.
Use it with Ant Design System for Figma to create consistent experiences for your users.

Figma Wireframes

Get UX Toolkit for Figma

UX Toolkit for Figma is available in Startup, Agency, and Enterprise packages along with Ant Design System.
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‍You can also get it separately as a single product.