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January 4, 2022

Ant Design System for Figma 2.2

Interactive components are now available!

I've updated most of the components with the hover and click interactions and fixed minor bugs.

What's new

Added hover interactions to:

  • Button
  • Affix
  • Breadcrumb
  • Dropdown
  • Menu
  • Pagination
  • DatePicker
  • Input
  • InputNumber
  • Rate
  • Slider
  • TimePicker
  • Upload
  • Calendar
  • Table
  • Tree

Added click interactions to:

  • Checkbox
  • Radio
  • Select (Menu Item)
  • Switch
  • Collapse
  • Tabs
  • Tag (Checkable)

What's fixed

  • Input Focus States now use Effect Styles
  • Fixed padding issue in Switch component from 3px to 2px
  • More minor bugs and improvements

Preview Light Theme

Preview Dark Theme

September 13, 2021

Ant Design Charts for Figma 1.0

The new product is here!

The powerful library of charts and graphs based on the Ant Design Charts react library. Design dashboards, analytics, presentations, and more with the set of the most common data visualization patterns that are simple to use and customize.

What's new

  • Added Ant Design Charts for Figma as a separate product
  • Added Ant Design Charts for Figma to Ant Design System for Figma (Enterprise license)
  • Added Ant Design Charts for Figma to Full package (Figma & Adobe XD): Solo license
  • Added Ant Design Charts for Figma to Full package (Figma & Adobe XD): Team license
  • Added Ant Design Charts for FigmaFull package (Figma & Adobe XD): Enterprise plus license
July 13, 2021

New website

The website has a new look and features!

I redesigned the antforfigma.com website from scratch to improve the experience and added some more features. Pricing is now more clear.

What's new

  • Added Tutorials page
  • Added Updates page
  • Added Become an Affiliate page
  • Added Pricing page
  • Added Customers page

July 13, 2021

Ant Design System for Figma 2.1

Bug fixes and icon changes

I fixed minor bugs and faults to improve the experience of using the UI kit for both themes. A huge thanks to Keven Lupien, who contacted me and pointed out some of these issues.

What's fixed

  • Icons are now flattened, and all icons are using one style - now, changing the color of the icon is even easier
  • fixed the inconsistencies in text styles in some components
  • fixed the Button's text auto-layout to use the new auto-layout feature
  • aligned the Buttons horizontally on the Button page
  • changed the Ghost's button height to 40px (was 42px)
  • fixed the icon in Input / Pre Post Tab / Item to use the icon from the internal library
  • changed the text in the Table frame from Borderless=False to Borderless=True on the Documentation page
  • changed the text in Form frame from Size=Default to Size=Small on the Documentation page
  • removed the empty image on the Avatar page (it shouldn't be there)
December 8, 2020

Ant Design System for Figma 2.0

Auto Layout v3 + Variants

I've redesigned the UI kit from scratch to make sure all components take the most out of Auto Layout V3 and Variants feature. I've also added all missing components from Ant Design and fixed bugs that were caused by the previous Auto Layout.

What’s new

  • redesigned the whole UI kit from scratch
  • the UI kit uses now SF Pro Text font
  • each Main Component sits now on its own page
  • components are now built with auto layout v3 and variants
  • added 'Documentation' page
  • added 'Layouts' page
  • added 'Welcome' page
  • added more details to 'Getting Started' page
  • added 'Layout', 'Spacing' and 'Elevation' pages to the 'Documentation'
July 7, 2020

UX Toolkit for Figma

New product based on Ant Design is here!

Everything you need at an early stage of your UX design process. Visualize the hierarchy and structure of a future product or website based on Ant Design!

What's new

  • Added UX Toolkit for Figma as a separate product
  • Added UX Toolkit to Ant Design System for Figma (Startup, Agency, Enterprise and Enterprise Plus License)
March 4, 2020

Ant Design System for Figma 1.2

Ant Design V4 and Dark Mode

Added Dark theme and redesigned the UI kit to match Ant Design for React v4


  • changed the base rounded corners from 4px to 2px
  • redesigned error Button to match ant.design documentation
  • redesigned Menu component to match ant.design documentation
  • redesigned example screens
  • changed naming in color styles from Grey / grey-x to Neutral / gray-x
  • deleted space between value and px in typography styles naming

What's new

  • added back input plates
  • added Result component;
  • added Dark Theme;
  • added Layouts;
  • added Layouts color styles;

Small fixes

  • cleaned up layers;
  • minor component fixes;
February 26, 2020

Ant Design System for Figma 1.12

Minor Icon Fixes

Added missing icons to the icon library and did some minor icon fixes

Minor fixes

  • Changed icon from icon/download to icon/upload in Upload button
  • Added missing icons to the library
February 24, 2020

Ant Design System for Figma 1.11

Auto Layout + Stretch

Added the new stretch feature to the some of the components.

What's new

  • Applied Stretch feature to: Buttons, Dropdown menu, Select menu, Input, Textarea, Collapse, Card, Popover, Tooltip, Alert, Modal, Notification
  • Added new component: PageHeader

Minor fixes

  • applied Auto Layout to ‘tag/colorful’ components
  • fixed component label misspells in Popconfirm
December 11, 2019

Ant Design System for Figma 1.10

Auto layout is here!

Updated some of the components with the new auto layout feature.

What's new

The components that has been updated with the auto layout feature:
Button, Breadcrumb, Dropdown, Pagination, Checkbox, Rate, Radio Button, Select, Upload, Input, Textarea, Badge, Comment, Collapse, Card, Popover, Tooltip, Timeline, Tag, Tabs, Alert, Drawer, Modal, Message, Notification, Popconfirm

The list of components that are not updated:
Components that are fixed width or need manual resizing:
Affix, Menu, Date Picker, Switch, Slider, Transfer, Input Number, Avatar, Calendar, Empty, Progress
Components that are too complex to update with the current state of Auto Layout feature: Steps, Table

August 28, 2019

Video Tutorial

Invoicing Platform Design - Tutorial

I've recorded a short tutorial on how to use Ant Design System for Figma

Video tutorial

In the video you will learn:

  • how to import .fig file and set up the UI kit
  • how to publish the UI kit to your Team Library
  • how to use Ant Design components and styles
  • how to create a simple UI
  • what Figma plugins are useful to create this UI and how to use them


You don't need to use Button Resizer plugin anymore. Ant Design UI kit supports auto layout now :)

June 24, 2019

Ant Design System for Figma 1.0

Hello World!

The UI kit is released!

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