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  • 1 user
  • Free updates (Ant Design System)
  • Ant Design System for Figma (Light Theme)
  • Ant Design System for Figma (Dark Theme)
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  • 5 users
  • Free updates (Ant Design System & UX Toolkit)
  • Ant Design System for Figma (Light Theme)
  • Ant Design System for Figma (Dark Theme)
  • UX Toolkit for Figma
One-time payment
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One-time payment
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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Solo and Startup/Agency/Enterprise licenses?

The Solo license is perfect for freelancers or individuals who will be the only users of the UI kit. If you purchase the Solo license, you can't publish the UI kit in your team library or give edit permissions to other people.
The Startup, Agency, and Enterprise licenses are dedicated to teams. You may publish the item in your team library within your organization for participants or give edit permissions to other team members of your company (depends on the license you bought): up to 2 editors, up to 5 editors, or unlimited editors.

Do you provide any tutorials or guides on setting up and using the UI kit after the purchase?

Totally! You can visit the tutorials page here. You will find all the needed information on getting started and how to use the UI kit.

Can I upgrade my single license to the team license?

Yes, I will reduce your next order's price by the amount you paid for the single license. Please get in touch with me with your Customer email.

Can I use the item for a client's end product?

Yes, you are allowed to create an end unlimited products for your clients and charge them for your services.

Is it a one-time or a monthly/annual payment?

It's a one-time payment. You pay once, and you get a lifetime license and updates.

Is there any discount for students/schools/non-profits?

Yes! Please contact me with your school's/non-profit company email address and I will send you a link with the discount.

Will I get an invoice?

Yes! Click the "Generate" button on your receipt from Gumroad after your purchase, and you can generate a detailed invoice with any additional information you need.

Why did my payment fail?

I'm using Gumroad to sell my products. If your payment fails on Gumroad, the following steps can help get your purchase through:

  • Try the purchase in a different browser, or update your browser and try again
  • Try the purchase on a different device
  • Turn off browser extensions and VPNs and try again
  • Call your card provider or contact PayPal and ask them if there are blocks or limitations on your account

If you still have problems with getting your payment through - send an email to They will help you with the issue.

How do the updates work?

After each update, I will send you an email with the new updated Figma files. Make sure to move all my messages to your Main Inbox, so you don't skip it. You can also get the latest files via Gumroad's library. You can learn more about updates and how to get the new files here.

Can I get the UX Toolkit for Figma without purchasing the whole package?

Yes, you can purchase the UX Toolkit for Figma directly from this link.

Can I get the Ant Design Charts for Figma without purchasing the whole package?

Yes, you can purchase the Ant Design Charts for Figma directly from this link.

Can I convert a purchased product into a theme or template?

No, you're not allowed to sell or distribute the products on your website, or marketplaces like ThemeForest, Creative Market, etc. (even for free) as well as resell, lease, license, sublicense or redistribute a purchased product on its own (even for free).

Do you provide refunds?

I don't issue refunds after the order is confirmed and the product is sent. Make sure to get the demo file and preview both themes in Figma. There is no obligation to provide a refund or credit in the following situations:

  • You changed your mind about an item.
  • You bought an item by mistake.
  • You do not have sufficient expertise to use an item.