Edit tokens in Figma Tokens plugin

Version 2.4 introduces more tokens support in the Figma Tokens plugin: padding, height, border radius, and box shadow.

What does it mean?

It means that you can now easily change the value of each token inside the plugin, and it will affect all elements in the file that use this token.

For example, when you want to change the border radius from 2px to 6px:

  1. Open Ant Design System for Figma 2.4.
  2. Open Figma Tokens plugin
  3. Find the border-radius-base token and right-click on it.
  4. Chose Edit Token.
  5. Change the radius from 2px to 6px and click Update.
  6. Click Update in the main panel, and Yes.
  7. Wait a few seconds until the changes are applied.

All elements (like buttons, modals, or inputs) that used this token will now have a 6px border-radius applied. Imagine updating all border radius values for all components separately… It would take at least 30 minutes!

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